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rCDO UX is a consulting firm founded by Daniel Rosenberg.  We provide UX strategy and product design services to companies ranging in size from Fortune 500 to startup.  We mentor CEOs, CPOs, Development VPs and UX leaders, helping them optimize the alignment between their UX investment and their company’s business plans.  Regardless of company size or market type (B2B vs. B2C), the typical consulting engagement is focused on strengthening corporate “design” DNA to continuously deliver products and services with a highly competitive user experience on the Web, mobile and embedded platforms.  Current clients include cloud, consumer, big data, analytics and medical applications companies.

Frequently requested services are described on this website.  In addition, we will be happy to provide sample statements of work (SOW) and portfolio examples to demonstrate how we are helping our many client companies integrate rCDO UX services into their business plans. Please send your information request to: info@rCDOUX.com

Chief Design Officer

Before founding rCDO UX Daniel spent more than 18 years as the top UX design executive at two of the world’s largest software companies, Oracle and SAP, where he led their global UX efforts across all product lines.  He is also well known as a designer and inventor of the tabbed UI along with many other heavily copied UI patterns.  Many of these landmark designs date to his tenure as the user interface architect for Borland and Ashton-Tate.  He has authored many important books and articles in the UX field and taught worldwide on both technical and design leadership topics.  His most recent and highly acclaimed book UX MAGIC published by the Interaction Design Foundation introduces the Semantic IxD method to the global HCI community.

Daniel is the 2019 ACM SigCHI Lifetime Practice Award winner.  Noted for his contributions over almost 4 decades of practice in UX leadership, developing new design methods and the invention of many GUI pattern in common use today.  You can watch the recording of his invite award talk here on the SigCHI YouTube channel .

Some current and former clients:

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