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Dan has maintained an active role in the UX professional community as a thought leader, author and teacher for more than 35 years.  He is often invited to be the keynote speaker for conferences within the UX area as well as more general technical conferences.

Dan was one of the first practitioners of the Rapid Prototyping method which he documented in the first edition of the Handbook of Human Computer Interaction published in 1988 and through workshops he taught world wide on rapid prototyping beginning in 1987.  He is also an expert on UX globalization, design leadership and UX management topics.

A nearly complete listing of his published works, presentations and educational workshops can be found below.


Cushman, W. & Rosenberg, D. (1991).  Human Factors in Product Design. Elsevier Publisher, Netherlands.

Book Chapters:

Wilson, J. & Rosenberg, D.(1988). Rapid Prototyping for User Interface Design. in Handbook of Human Computer Interaction, Helander, M., Editor. Elsevier, Netherlands.

Rosenberg, D. (1989).  Cost Benefit Analysis for Corporate User Interface Standards. in Coordinating User Interfaces for Consistency, Nielsen, J. Editor, Academic Pres. Boston MA.

Rosenberg, D. & Friedland, L. (1994).  Usability at Borland; Building Best of Breed Products. in Usability in Practice, Wiklund, M., Editor. Academic Press, Boston MA.

Journal & Magazine Articles:

Human Performance Evaluation of Digitizer Pucks for Computer Input of Spatial Information (Rosenberg & Martin) Human Factors (Feb. 1988)

Corporate User Interface standards: A new dimension in product form, INNOVATION (May 1988)

A conversation with Dan Rosenberg – interview by John Rheinfrank, Interactions Magazine (Feb. 1997)

Myths of Usability ROI, Interactions Magazine (Sept. 2004)

Tangible Speculation Revisited,  Interactions Magazine (Feb, 2006)

360 degrees of User Experience management (Guest Editor), Interactions Magazine (May, 2007)

Garbage in, Garbage out, the Agile Way, User Experience Magazine (April 2010)

UX Globalization, Interactions Magazine (Dec 2011)

Educating for HCI at Scale, Interactions Magazine (July 2016)

The Business of UX Strategy, Interactions Magazine (March 2018)

Invited Keynote Presentations:

Rosenberg, D. (2006).  The Deconstructionist Design Paradigm. Darmstadt Technical University. Darmstadt, Germany.

Rosenberg, D. (2007).  The Deconstructionist Design Paradigm.  Usability Professional Association (UPA) Hangzhou, China.

Rosenberg, D. (2008).  Collaboration in Enterprise Software. Jive Enterprise Software Summit, Aspen, Colorado.

Rosenberg, D. (2009).  The Human Factor as an integral Component of Quality Measurement. German Quality Engineering 20th anniversary conference. Frankfurt, Germany.

Rosenberg, D. (2009).  The Industrialization of Sustainability: Roles, Responsibilities and Opportunities for User Experience? HCI International, San Diego, California.

Rosenberg, D. (2013).  A Life in UX – The Next Generation of HCI Careers. UXA SJSU Inaugural event, speaker series, San Jose State University, San Jose, California.

Rosenberg, D. (2014).  The De-intellectualization of Design. IXDA interaction14 Annual Conference. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Rosenberg, D. (2014).  The Gap Between UX Education and Practice. IXDA Education Summit. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Rosenberg, D. (2014).  De-intellectualization and the Enterprise/Consumer UX Myth.  IXDA REDUX14, San Francisco, California.

Rosenberg, D. (2018).  The language of interaction design.  TC Camp 2018, Santa Clara, California.

Rosenberg, D. (2018).  The business of UX strategy.  Alibaba Design – UCAN 2018 conference, Hangzhou China.

Conference Papers:

Rosenberg, D.  (1981). Human Factors for Portable Products, Human Factors Society1981 Annual Meeting.  Rochester, New York.

Rosenberg, D.  (1981). Designers Guide to Portability, 3rd Symposium on Human Factors and Industrial Design for Consumer Products.  Rochester, New York.

Reiner R., Rosenberg, D., Frank, A., & Becker, J. (1984). An Analytical Model of the Man Machine Interface. Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium.  Toronto, Canada.

Mankin, R., Rosenberg, D. & Reiner, R. (1984). Human Performance Simulation for Office Products. Proceedings International Conference on Occupational Ergonomics.

Rosenberg, D. (1987). Internal and External Visual Metaphor in the Design of Smart Product Interfaces. Proceedings of the Interface87 conference.  Rochester, NY.

Rosenberg, D. & Gajendar, U.(2004). 24/7 or Bust – Designing for the Challenges of Global UCD. Proceedings of CHI2004 conference.  Vienna, Austria.

Marcus, A., Ashley, J., Knapheide, C., Lund, A., Rosenberg, D. & Vredenburg, K. (2009). Survey of User-Experience Development at Enterprise Software Companies. Proceedings of HCI International 2009.  San Diego, California.

Andre, A., Elkerton, J., Portigal, S., Ratzlaff, C., Saffer, D. & Rosenberg, D. (2010). Blasphemy or Pragmatics; When NOT to Follow User-Centered Design Techniques. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 54th Annual Meeting 2010. p766.

Kumar, J., Rosenberg, D., Hofmann, P., & Arent, M. (2009). Designing International Enterprise Software.  Proceedings of HCI International 2009.  San Diego, California.

Vaidyanathan, V. & Rosenberg, D. (2014). “Will use it, because I want to look cool”. A Comparative Study of Simple Computer Interactions using Touchscreen and In-air Gestures.  Proceedings of HCI International 2014.  Crete, Greece.

Conference Workshops and Tutorials Taught:

Rosenberg, D. & Wilson, J. (1987). Rapid UI Prototyping.  Interface87 (HFS/IDSA Joint meeting).   Rochester, NY.

Rosenberg, D. & Wilson, J. (1987). Rapid Prototyping. Human Factors 1987 Society Annual Meeting 1987, New York, NY.

Rosenberg, D., Wilson, J., & Nelson, M. (1987). Rapid Prototyping. ACM Computer Human Interaction Conference (CHI88).  Washington DC.

Rosenberg, D. (1991). Rapid Prototyping & UI Design Techniques. Meeting of the British Computer Society HCI group, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Rosenberg, D. (1992). GUI Product Design.Software Development, Santa Clara, CA.

Rosenberg, D. (1993). GUI Product Design.Software Development, Santa Clara, CA.

Rosenberg, D. (1993). UI Prototyping for GUI Products in the 90’s.  InterCHI Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Rosenberg, D. (2007). 360 Degrees of HCI Leadership.  China Usability Professional Association annual meeting (UPA), Hangzhou, China.

Rosenberg, D. (2007). Management of International HCI Teams.  Usability Professional Association (UPA), Hangzhou, China.

Rosenberg, D. (2011). Management of User Experience Teams Case Study. CHI 2011 conference – Management & Leadership preconference workshop.  Vancouver, Canada.

Rosenberg, D. (2012). Communication Approaches to Influence UX Leadership CHI 2012 conference – Management & Leadership preconference workshop. Austin, Texas.

Seminars and Guest Lectures:

Rosenberg, D. (1993). Who’s Papering Over the GUI Cracks? Windows & OS/2 Conference

Rosenberg, D. (1993). GUI Product Design in the 90’s, Borland Developers Conference

Rosenberg, D. (2001). Three Generations of Web Application Design at OracleBayCHI chapter meeting, Redwood Shores, CA.

Rosenberg, D. (2001). Web Application Design. Nielsen Norman Group World Tour (Washington DC 10/22/01, London 11/6/01 & San Francisco 6/3/02)

Rosenberg, D. (2001). Building Websites with Oracle Portal. The Web Hosting Conference.

Rosenberg, D. (2003). 360 Degrees of Management for Successful Usability Groups. Nielsen/Norman UE Executive Forum. Chicago Illinois.

Rosenberg, D. (2003).  7 Myths of Usability ROI. ACMBayCHI local chapter meeting. Palo Alto, CA.

Rosenberg, D. (2004). Challenges of Global HCI.  Georgia Tech/Atlanta sigCHI chapter local meeting. Atlanta, GA.

Rosenberg, D. (2004). Challenges of Global HCI.  San Jose State HFES student chapter meeting.  San Jose, CA.

Rosenberg, D. (2004). Usability in the Silicon Valley. MIT Club of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, CA.

Rosenberg, D. (2005). SAP User Experience StrategySecond Bangalore sigCHI Meeting. Bangalore, India.

Rosenberg, D. (2010). HCI’s Role in Global Sustainability.  UPA International Conference, Munich, Germany.

Rosenberg, D. (2012). UX101 – How Interaction Design Affects Business StrategyLangara College, Vancouver, Canada.

Rosenberg, D. (2014).  The Enterprise vs. Consumer UX myth.UXA SJSU seminar series, San Jose, CA.

Rosenberg, D. (2014).  The Danger of UX Design De-Intellectualization.   AutoDesk “Sum of the Parts” monthly UX invited speaker series.  San Francisco, CA.

Rosenberg, D. (2014). HCI@Scale – The gap between theory and practice. Georgia Tech Univ.

Rosenberg, D. (2014). HCI Uncovered – Career path trends. SJSU UXA student group sponsored lecture series.  San Jose State University.

Rosenberg, D. (2016). Digital Medicine User Experience Design.  OpenIDEO innovation meet-up a the dSchool.  Stanford University.

Invited Panel Participation:

Mulligan, R., Dieli, M., Nielsen, J., Poltrock, S., Rosenberg, D. & Rudman, S. (1992). Designing Useable Systems Under Real-World Constraints.   CHI’92: Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.  Monterey, CA.

Nielsen, J., Desurvire, H., Kerr, R., Rosenberg, D., Salomon, G., Molich, R. & Stewart, T. (1993). Comparative Design Review: An Exercise in Parallel Design. Proc. ACM INTERCHI’93 (Amsterdam, Netherlands, 24-29 April), 414-417.

Dray, S., Karat, C-M., Rosenberg, D., Siegel, D. & Wixon, D. (2005). Is ROI an Effective Approach for Persuading Decision-Makers of the Value of User-Centered Design? CHI’05 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Rosenberg, D., Sullivan, K., Ashlund, S., Horwitz, K., Hopper, S. (1996). Session organizer and chair: User Interface for Large Markets, CHI’06 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Anderson, R., Norman, D., Rohn, J., Rosenberg, D. (1997).  Organizational Obstacles to User Centered Design.  BayCHI local chapter meeting, Xerox Parc, Palo Alto CA. Dec. 9, 1997.

Anderson, R., Bond, R., Rohn, J. & Rosenberg, D. (2000).  Promoting Usability in Organizations. BayCHI Usability BOF meeting 1/28/2000

Rosenberg, D., Norman, D. & Vredenburg, K. (2003).  HCI Leadership in Corporations.Nielsen/Norman Group 2004 UE Executive Forum. Chicago, Illinois.

Rosenberg, D., Buckholtz, T., Chapman, J. & Zhang, J. (2008). How Interdisciplinary Innovation Helps Startups. Silicon Valley Chinese Engineers Association Jan. 17, 2008 meeting. Palo Alto, CA.

Rosenberg, D., etal (2008).  The Future Application of Social Networking Software in the Enterprise. Jive Enterprise Software Summit Invitation only conference. Aspen, CO.

Kumar, J., Rosenberg, D., Arent, M. Wichansky, A. Kolhatkar, M., Longoria, R. Hendrich, B., Lund, A. (2010). Branding the Changing Enterprise – Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on UX Organizations.  CHI’10 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Kumar, J., Rosenberg, D., Arent, M. Wichansky, A. Kolhatkar, Kiris, E. Wilson, R. &. Lund, A. (2011) User Experience Management Post Mergers and Acquisitions.  CHI’11 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Jain, J., Courage, C., Innes, J., Churchill, E., Lund, A. & Rosenberg, D. (2011). Managing Global UX Teams.  CHI’11 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Rohn, J., Wixon, D., Rosenberg, D., Ashley. J. & Tesler, L. (2012). Managing UX Teams: Insights from Executive Leaders.   CHI EA ’12: Proceedings of the 2012 ACM CHI annual conference.

Kumar, J., Rosenberg, D., Courage, C., Rohn, J., Kamm, L., Anderson, L., Holsberry, C. & Chavan, A. (2012). Diversity panel moderator: Women in UX Leadership in Business.   CHI’12: Proceedings of the 2012 ACM CHI annual conference.

Recent Posts

On July 16th Dan will be the featured speaker at the opening of IBM Studios Bay Area location in Foster City.   He will be speaking about his recent publication on The Business of UX Strategy which was the cover article in the latest issue (March/April) of ACM Interaction Magazine.

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